JASG attended The Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter for Employers as Founding Signatory


November 25, 2022

As one the #founding#signatories for The Racial #Diversity&#Inclusion Charter for #Employers, #JASG together with other 10 founding signatories (stated below) participated in the test-run of annual review form organized by Equal Opportunities Commission. This review not only helps to check progress made in the Charter goals, but also gain in industrial understanding of difficulties faced by companies. We are proud to be part of this meaningful initiative that encourages #equal#opportunities.

作為《種族多元共融僱主約章》的首輪簽署機構之一,怡中與其他 10 家首輪簽署機構(如下所述)一起參加了年度問卷的試運行。 這個問卷不僅有助於機構檢查約章目標的進展情況,而且有助於了解行業實現約章所面臨的困難。 怡中很自豪能夠參與這一鼓勵平等機會的倡議。Other Founding Signatories 首輪簽署機構*1. Arup 奧雅納2. AXA Hong Kong and Macau AXA 安盛3. CLP Holdings Limited 中電控股有限公司4. Community Business 社商賢匯5. Fairwood Holdings Limited 大快活集團有限公司6. HSBC 滙豐7. Hiu Kwong Group 曉光集團8. Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong 香港金域假日酒店9. Manulife (International) Limited 宏利人壽保險(國際)有限公司10. Shun Tak Holdings Ltd 信德集團有限公司* Company names in alphabetical order.以公司/機構名稱英文字母順序排列。

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