Jardine Aviation Academy organize airport tour for institute


January 29, 2024

Today, the Jardine Aviation Academy recently organized an insightful airport tour for students from the Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT). The tour, led by JAA's experienced specialists in the aviation field, provided an immersive experience for the students, allowing them to gain valuable insights into the aviation industry. During the tour, students had the opportunity to visit several key areas within the airport, including the Information Counter, the Skybridge, the baggage area, gaining a deeper understanding of the operations and management of different areas of the Airport. Our JAA's specialists alongside shared their extensive knowledge and engaged students in discussions, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

It is always our mission to embark on the interest towards the aviation industry and unleash the potential of our younger generations. The tour provided a comprehensive learning experience, aiming to nurture the next generation of aviation professionals and foster connections between students and the industry.

怡中航空學院於今日為香港專業進修學校 (港專) 的學生組織了一次機場參觀活動。是次參觀活動由怡中航空學院在航空領域經驗豐富的專家帶領,讓他們對機場內各個區域的運作和管理有了寶貴的認識。在參觀過程中,學生們有機會參觀了機場內的幾個主要區域,包括問訊櫃檯、天際走廊、行李區等,加深了對機場營運及管理的了解。在專家分享知識及領導討論的過程中,學生能將理論充分轉化為實踐,讓他們獲益良多。


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