Fair Trade Coffee Pop-Up Store


July 6, 2022

On 06 July, JASG collaborated with FAIRTASTE (HK) Limited to host a #FairTrade #Coffee Pop-up Store in office as part of our #sustainability initiative!

Colleagues can purchase coffee beans which are all Fairtrade certified and #organic grown, and even order a cup of coffee which comes with #vegan oat milk! FAIRTASTE also provides options of a wide range of #healthy snacks including dried fruit, nuts, teas, and quinoa.

#Fairtrade provides producers with "#guaranteed #purchase #prices" to enable farmers to increase their income and avoid the impact of price fluctuations. In addition, the General Fair Trade Organization will collect annual fees from concessionaires that sell fair trade, and use the funds as "Fairtrade #Premiums" to assist production organizations in developing countries to establish drinking water #facilities, build schools, and build hospitals facilities.

怡中與FAIRTASTE帶來一日#公平貿易 咖啡快閃店!

同事可以購買純素咖啡以及經過公平貿易認證和有機種植的咖啡豆。FAIRTASTE 帶來各種健康零食,包括乾果、堅果、茶和藜麥。

#公平貿易 為生產者提供“有#保障 的#採購價格 ”,使農民能夠增加收入,避免價格波動的影響。此外,一般公平貿易組織將向出售公平貿易的特許經營商收取年費,並將這些資金用作“公平貿易#溢價 ”,幫助發展中國家的生產組織建立飲用水設施、建設學校、建設醫院設施等。

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